Picture of Banff Lake Louise

Beautiful photo of Banff, Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. National Park. Photo released into the public domain. Bruno Menetrier.

Athabasca Sunwapta Falls

These falls are just wonderful, very powerful! I love the look of them, the power of the water is immense, and the rocks are very interesting. I love the little tree that is sillouheted in the falls. Released into the public domain.

F A 18 Hornet Breaking the Sound Barrier Picture

This is a great photo, in my opinion, and something else you don't see everyday. Taken off the coast of Pusan, South Korea. I love the blue sky and its just a very impressive photo!

The Devil's Sinkhole

From a Limestone dig, near Hawthorne Florida, and sometimes called the Devil's Toiletbowl by the locals. I like this picture because it shows something rarely seen, and it shows people having a lot of fun. Especially with water, and out in nature, pictures of people having fun are really cool. Photo by Mason Berry, released into the public domain. Thanks for sharing that, its so cool for people to see.